AF - SOTM #4 submissons

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    AF - sotm #4 submissons

    Rules & Requirements
    You must have 20 posts on AdminForums to submit a site to the contest
    Your Website/Forum/Blog can not be running a nulled software, nor can it have warez, porn, or any content of that nature on it.
    Any kind of website may enter(i.e.: Forums, Blogs, Websites, etc.)
    You are not allowed to beg for votes, nor may you ask for your forum staff to vote. If anyone is found in violation of the rule, it's instant disqualification
    We try the best that we can, but we're all human so we might make mistakes. If a topic is open late, or needs to be tallied up, please contact @Darthmaul or report the topic so we can get onto it ASAP. Thanks!
    Anyone is allowed to enter, this includes staff and premium members.

    Congrats to last month's winner: AdminPeak -You may not enter this month.

    Alright, so the stuff you've all wanted to know: what are the prizes? As follows:
    First Prize*:
    A sticky topic in the Website Showcase section
    Exclusive SotM Adspace on AF's index page

    *Note: There are no runner ups, first prize is the only prize

    How does one enter?
    Please reply below with the following template to enter:
    Forum Name:
    Forum Link:

    This month, submissions end April 20th, and voting starts April 21st.

    Thank you, and good luck to all!
    ~AdminForums Staff Team
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